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Cultivating an Upscale Real Estate Brand on Facebook

Does luxury real estate marketing work on Facebook, or is it just a PR nightmare waiting to happen? If it works, what smart moves can agents and agencies make, while preserving the lustre of their […]

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Real Estate Marketing on Social Media: The Best Times to Post

As you may have suspected, real estate marketing on social media isn’t as easy as you thought it might be. Not only do you have to find quality content to post frequently, you have to […]

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Oscars Edition: Our Top 5 Real Estate Hollywood Characters

In the spirit of the Oscars, we put together a list of our favorite real estate Hollywood characters. All too often real estate pros are portrayed as opportunistic, dimwitted or even downright evil (remember Lex Luthor’s dastardly plan for […]

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Vehicle Wrap Branding for Real Estate: Tacky or Tactical?

Love it or hate it; real estate companies are using vehicle wrap branding as a marketing tool. Could turning your rides into mobile marketing machines be a high ROI move that you’ve already waited too long […]

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Drone Photography Trends for Real Estate Marketing

Luxury real estate can be very competitive in major cities especially with the low inventory we’re facing this year. We find that this article from Digital Journal by Ocean Malandra has fascinating insight on how drone photography […]

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Luxury Real Estate Fashion 101

The way you present yourself both inside and out speaks volumes. Although it may seem shallow, having a professional appearance reassures your client of your luxury real estate knowledge. Avoid these fashion faux-pas and discover […]

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