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Real Estate Tips: Summer Open Houses

Summer is right around the corner. Although Spring is usually the best season for real estate, buyers are still going to be scrambling to find their dream homes before the weather cools down in the […]

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Lifestyle Videos: The New Luxury Real Estate Trend

Having great videos and photography for your digital marketing has become mandatory in the real estate industry. To stand above the crowd, some agents are hiring professional videographers to produce “lifestyle videos,” a popular luxury real […]

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Agent Q&A: Steve Cairncross On Building A Luxury Real Estate Business

How does one get into the luxury real estate industry and build a lasting brand? Steve Cairncross of RE/MAX Coastal Properties has successfully built a business specializing in luxury homes on the San Diego, California […]

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Agent Q&A: Lester Cox On Real Estate Coaching

To coach or not to coach? That is the question. Some might argue that paying for real estate coaching might be too expensive. Lester Cox, a Craig Proctor coach and practicing real estate agent, argues that it makes […]

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Closing With Style: Great Real Estate Closing Gifts

Investing a part of your real estate commission in your future success is important. A great investment is a closing gift that’ll make you memorable to buyers. So which real estate closing gifts are the […]

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