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Listing Presentation for Luxury Focused Real Estate Professionals

Listing presentations have become the standard approach to “pitching” your offering as a real estate professional to potential clients. As a luxury real estate professional, it’s essential to go above and beyond and ensure that […]

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How to Create Real Estate Listing Presentations Quickly

The luxury market usually moves at a slower pace. Between high-value listings and looking for the right buyer, properties are often on the market for longer periods of time. But when looking for a potential […]

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7 Keys To a Winning Real Estate Listing Presentation

So you’ve gotten the call to pitch a prospective seller and sign your next big listing. What can you do to gain the greatest competitive advantage before you walk in the door? We’ve put together […]

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7 Ways to Sign More Listings With Your LUXVT Listing Presentation

As a luxury real estate agent, your success depends on differentiation. You need to stand out from the pack and give sellers clear, compelling reasons to choose you over the competition. That’s why LUXVT Marketing Presentations are […]

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The Ultimate Listing Marketing Presentation Direct Mailer Checklist

Using direct mailers as part of your expiring listing strategy is a great way to get your potential sellers to contact you. But if you’re sending a mailer, you can’t let yours blend in with […]

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