Terms & Conditions

  1. By signing this Agreement, you agree to pay the Pay-At-Close balance quoted by your LUXVT representative or displayed on the LUXVT purchase website at time of your checkout within 30 days of Close of Escrow for the listing indicated.

  2. Payment is due within 30 days of Close Of Escrow date (Day of Closing/Settlement Date), via Credit Card or Check.  Payment by check from the escrow company is also accepted.

  3. Agent’s credit card will be kept on file and used for payment only with Agent’s express permission at Close of Escrow, or in the event of non-payment after 60 days.

  4. If listing is lost or dropped by Agent, there is no further charge or obligation; however, any initial Setup Fee is kept by LUXVT.

  5. Listing Price tier is determined by the final Sale Price of listing.

  6. Some listings priced under $600,000 may not be listed on a small number of Luxury-targeted publications due to publisher price guidelines and restrictions. However, all listings will be submitted to all publishers for the product selected.

  7. Your ad campaign and Listing Tour will stay active as long as you are actively listing the property. 

  8. If this Listing is sold before all of the campaign components are fulfilled, the full amount of this agreement is due – there are no partial or prorated payments. Unused campaign components are not transferable to other listings or agents.

  9. If the listing is lost or dropped then re-listed and sold by the Agent, the Agreement remains in full effect, with full payment due per terms expressed.

  10. LUXVT will strive to maintain the maximum amount of live Ad Placements across our network of Ad Partner Sites, however technical delays, website outages or other factors beyond our control may occasionally occur on these sites, in which case this Agreement remains in full effect. Additionally, actual International Ad Placements may change based on availability. If this occurs LUXVT will strive to quickly find an equal or superior replacement.

  11. By submitting assets including images, audio, video, and descriptions you acknowledge you have any necessary rights or permissions to do so. Your submitted assets may be placed on websites, apps and other media by LUXVT.

YouTube Terms of Service